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Cryptocurrency Consulting Services

Consulting Services

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Cryptocurrency Overview

What is cryptocurrency? What is a blockchain? Why are these new assets being valued they way that they are?

Lacking a basic understanding of what this industry truly is, is one of the biggest barriers that keep newcomers from investing in cryptocurrency. Build your understanding now while this new asset class is still in early development.

Bitcoins Consultant

Bitcoin Basics Workshop

Set up a individual or small group session and learn how to interact with bitcoin hands-on, without having to risk your own funds.

The best way to learn is to do it yourself. The Bitcoin Basics Course offers an introduction to the fundamentals of Bitcoin and Blockchain as well as an opportunity to interact with a cryptocurrency without having to put your own money on the line! [Details Below]

Exchange Setup Help

Exchange Setup and Assistance

The world of cryptocurrency can be a complicated and involved space, and crypto exchanges are no exception. How well you understand this first step in your cryptocurrency journey is going to determine how smooth and worthwhile the rest of your experience is going to be. 

Picking the right exchanges that will help you meet your goals, minimize your risk, and give you access to the best opportunities is essential. 

Crypto Wallets Ledger Trezor Keep Key

Wallet Setup

Which wallet should you choose? What wallets do you need?          How can you help keep you crypto secure?

“Not your keys, not your coins” as the saying goes. Holding crypto in your own possession is one of the greatest benefits of this technology, yet for newcomers, it can be an area of uncertainty, anxiety, and hesitation. Don’t miss out on the security and sovereignty of cryptocurrency ownership.

Altcoins Buy Help

Altcoin Procurement

This emerging industry is ripe with opportunity.

However, some of the cryptocurrencies with highest potential returns, the smaller projects that have lower marketcaps, can also be some of the more technically difficult assets to purchase and store. Instead of sitting on the sidelines and watching that altcoin that you have had your eye on pull a 100x or 1000x, get some advice on how to buy in! 

Ethereum Workshop Assistance

Ethereum Workshop

 For those who have a little cryptocurrency experience under their belt and want to take their skills to the next level, our Ethereum workshop would be a good next step.

Learn about the Ethereum Network and start interacting with it without having to risk your own funds. With Ethereum transaction fees being as high as $30 per transaction or more, learning via simulated learning is invaluable.  [Details Below]

Crypto Staking Lending

Asset Deployment

Buying and storing cryptocurrency is one thing, but using it is different story.

Besides Bitcoin and a few others, each cryptocurrency provides a specific service other than simple transactions. Many of these assets can be used to generate passive income. From staking, to lending, or providing liquidity to a Decentralized Exchange, Cryptowealth Consulting can help you accomplish your crypto goals.


NFT Creation

Are you an artist or musician? Or maybe you’d like the ability to create a tokenized contract?

The world of Non Fungible Tokens is only just beginning, even with the massive amounts of attention that it has been getting lately. If you have a need to tokenize art, music, or digital property, let Cryptowealth Consulting help you accomplish those goals and provide you with the tools and education so you can do it yourself. 

Cryptocurrency Debit Credit Cards

Crypto Debit Card Assistance

 The future is here!

Not only can you store your wealth in private digital commodities, you can spend them at retailers where  cards like Visa and Mastercard are accepted. There are already dozens of different debit card options, each with their own benefits & drawbacks, capabilities, and interfaces. Schedule a consultation to get help determining which card best fits your needs and how to fund and use it properly. 

Consultation Pricing and Scheduling

Pricing for consultations are calculated on a session by session basis depending on the services that are being rendered and the amount of time / sessions it will take to complete the objectives.  Consulting proposals are free in most cases. Basic sessions start at $200.

For an additional fee, an email review of the session can be produced including specific instructions an screenshots on how to repeat the objectives that were accomplished.

DISCLAIMER: Cryptowealth Consulting does not give financial, accounting, or legal advice. Consulting services are exclusively concerning the technical aspects of cryptocurrency, overviews of the cryptocurrency industry, and how to best use these digital assets.

Bitcoin Logo


Our Bitcoin Workshop is a crash course for those who not only want to get brought up to speed bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency, but also want hands on experience interacting with assets without having to worry about risking their own funds. This workshop is mean to bring its participants up to speed and give them a working experience with digital assets.

Course Overview

  • Introduction to Bitcoin

  • Blockchain Explanation
  • Terms and Definitions
  • Q & A
  • Wallet setup
  • Depositing funds
  • Wallet recovery
  • Sending Funds

Included Resources

  • “Intro to Bitcoin” email resource
  • Email course review
  • Follow-up study resource
  • Follow-up Phone Call







 (For an individual, group rates available)


Ethereum Netowrk


Ethereum has become the premier network to facilitate decentralized and trustless business interactions within the cryptocurrency space. Supporting everything from new crypto start ups to enterprise level activity, Ethereum is a common workspace for the economy of the future. With this capability, comes a whole new knowledge and skillset. In order to be apart of the digital economy, learning to interact with this network is going to be essential.

Course Overview

  • Introduction to Ethereum
  • How Ethereum is currently being utilized
  • Why Ethereum is Important
  • Terms and Definitions 
  • Q&A
  • Metamask Wallet Setup 
  • Depositing Eth
  • Recovering Wallet
  • Sending Eth
  • Adding Tokens
  • Swapping Eth 
  • Providing Liquidity
  • Create an NFT (optional)

Available Resources

  • “Intro to Bitcoin” handout reference
  • Ledger Walkthrough guide 
  • Study & research links
  • Additional tech support sessions


(For an individual, group rates available)


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Cryptowealth Consulting


Why Do I Need to Consultation?

 Blockchain technology is revolutionizing our digital lives. When utilized correctly, it vastly improves user’s control of their own wealth. Cryptocurrency does however have a steep initial learning curve. Gaining a solid understanding of concepts and best practices in the beginning will have big benefits in the long run. When integrate with cryptocurrency, you join the economy of the future.


How Can a Consultation Help Me?

The goal is for our clients to improve their understanding of this new technology and to be able to comfortably use it to the extent which they desire. We wish for our clients to recognize how the industry is developing over time so that they can best position themselves to take advantage of opportunities that they see.


Why is Cryptocurrency important?

Blockchain is an effective and way for all computers on a network to come to agreement on the activity that has taken place without having to trust one another. This decentralized form of record keeping leads to immutable ledgers that are forced to tell the truth. This technology is revolutionizing the way that we interact with one another on the internet. Due to the security, efficiency, fairness, and changelessness of blockchain networks, they will eventually likely be integrated to many aspects of our lives. Everything from your car title to your social media posts could be held on a blockchain. The more we educate ourselves and get involved, the more we can ensure that this technology will work for us.

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