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Cryptowealth Consulting

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To empower people, businesses, and communities with blockchain technology and connect them to the new economy.

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The rise of the internet and mobile technology over two decades ago thrust society into a technologically driven world. Fortunes were made by those who took early advantage of the opportunities initially created by the internet. However, mass adoption did not take place until the interface with this technology became easy enough for the average user to grasp.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency have brought about a similar scenario to the early days of the internet. Although some aspects of using blockchain technology have been simplified as much as they can for the general public, other areas are being developed so quickly, there is hardly any time to bring user friendly interfaces to market.

Cryptowealth Consulting aims to be the bridge for those who want to get involved, but don’t have the knowledge, skills, or confidence to do so alone. With the form of absolute ownership that is inherent with cryptocurrency, it will not be long before real world value finds its way to the blockchain. This next revolution is set to be as significant, if not more so, than the initial rise of the Internet.



Cryptowealth Consulting’s Promise:

In a world where it has become relatively easy to create a private currency that has value on the internet, buying influence has become easier than ever before. This has led to disingenuous opinions and ulterior motives among certain leaders and influencers within the crypto space. 

This new industry and the economy that is growing around it, is ripe with opportunity. However, there are many entities that wish to manipulate this industry as it forms to their benefit.

As long as Cryptowealth Consulting is offering opinion and advice to the public, the positions it puts forward will represent the authentic view of the company. Should Cryptowealth Consulting or our publication, Cryptowealth Chronicle, take on sponsors, partnerships, or affiliations, it will be plainly and obviously expressed. These sponsors will have earned that placement because the product or service that they are offering is worthwhile and deserving of the spotlight. 

Providing a clear and unbiased interpretation of the world of cryptocurrency to our clients and the public will remain Cryptowealth Consulting’s highest priority. 

The Cryptowealth Consulting Team

Nathan Kazman

Nathan Kazman

Founder & President

Nathan has been following Bitcoin since 2016, but was a believer in sound money long before that.

He served honorably for four years in the Navy and has experience both as a real estate investor and REALTOR®. He holds the MTA Networking Fundamentals Certification, IBM® Blockchain Essentials Certification, and has completed Ivan On Tech Academy’s Blockchain & Bitcoin 101 course and is in work on others.

Splitting his time as evenly as possible between education, content creation, and assisting clients is his goal. He aims to be a community leader and someone that can bring positive change through crypto education and instruction. Even with all of the innovation we have seen in the cryptocurrency space, the revolution is just beginning.  

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